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Our online festival offers you FREE  live concerts every other Saturday in our Stay Home Music Festival Facebook page.

We bring you music of many different styles (classical, jazz, pop, soul, funky, folk) in three sets of one hour each, featuring artists from all over the world. When the festival is live, the button will bring you to the live streaming. However, you can visit our LIVE section on Facebook to watch previous performances.



Did you miss our last edition? Don’t worry! You can go and check them out now at our Stay Home Music Festival youtube channel. Also, you will find the interviews that we make to our artists.

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The world is in crisis, but we must take the chance to reinvent ourselves and find ways to push through. Musicians all over the world have had their concerts canceled due to the #coronavirus. That means their income is cut off completely, as they sit at home practicing with only their plants as an audience! Nobody wants a world without music. That’s why we want to give them a chance to perform directly into the comfort of your own #quarantine We will be live-streaming music #FREE on a donation-based festival online!

#stayhomemusicfestival logo includes a soundwave in the shape of the graphic of what the #COVID_19 pandemic must look like to disappear without collapsing our health systems. It is on everyone’s hands to #stayhome and make it possible. It is beautiful to see how the world unites and everyone does their bit to make the #quarantine bearable for everyone.
Our graphic combines four colors: two taken from Libero Strijkorkest, and another two from Bom-B Music Academy, the two projects that have come together to bring you a festival directly into your living room.